How to choose best Vibrating Underpants

Vibrating Underpants are very special Lingerie, which combine sexy looking underwear and Vibrating Stimulator, which can make you to reach an orgasm. The best part of wearing Vibrating Underwear is that you can wear them anywhere you want, so you can enjoy in Vibrating Pleasures no matter where you are.

Fetish Fantasy plus size vibrating panties black smallIf you are a person which want to wear Vibrating Lingerie, then you probably wonder which one to choose. Believe me it’s very simple. First thing is to decide the size of your Vibrating Underpants.
If you are the person who have little bit more weight, don’t give up. You can always looking for Plus Size Vibrating Underpants, and believe me, you have a few choices.

The next step is to pick the type of your Vibrating Underpants. you may choose between Thongs, Panties, Briefs, Pearl Thongs and even Strapless Thongs. But there is more.
You must know that in these days market offers even Vibrating Underpants for men. So if you want to surprise your men with unique gift, go for it. I’m sure that he will drop his jaw on the floor, when he will see the surprise gift.

Ok there is one more thing about Vibrating Underwear. You must pick the way you want to control vibrations in your Vibrating Panties. Here you also have a few options:

Wireles Remote Control – You or your partner can take the control of Vibrating Bullet Insert from a distance up to 20 feet. This is great for copules to spice up your sex with foreplay.
You have all freedom that you need and your partner can tease you from the other side of the room. The person which have a remote controller, can control the power and time when will vibrations start and ends.
This way is great to enjoy in Vibrating Pleasures in public places like on the koncert, in the cinema, at the mall, while you take a walk in the park. OK, you get it.

Wired Remote Control – The different is that you don’t have so much freedom to control the vibrations down under, but this doesn’t mean that you cant enjoy in public places.
When you watch the movie in the cinema, your partner which sit right next to you still can control vibrations and help you to rich an orgasm. Beside that, this way is great for solo play or to pley with your partner in your bed or on the sofa.

Without the control – Here you just activate the Bullet insert with the simple push on the button and put itin the little pocket inside of your Underpants. To stop the vibrations , you just take the Bullet Insert out of this little secret pocket and push the button and the vibrations will stop.

Where you can find Vibrating Lingerie Online?

There are several Sex toy shops, but I will give you the links only to those which I believe that are trustworthy. (Click on the name of the store – underline on the left below)

TopSexToysShop – Great Sex Toys Shop because here you can find many Vibrating Underpants and other sex toys and you can also use a promo code: JUST4U for 5% discount, to save a few bucks! I highly recommend this Sex Toys shop!

EdenFantasys – Also great online store with all what is related to a sex. This shop is for me on the 2nd place.

Amazon – I think you already know this online store. Here you can find anything for sex and all you may need at home. Maybe not best choice for sex toys but definitely good online store.

Extreme Restraints – Not so great if you looking for Vibrating Lingerie, but if you are BDSM admirer, great place to find what you need.

Stockroom – Also great for BDSM stuff, but not so for Vibrating Underwear.

Babeland – Not so great for Vibrating Panties, but great if you are looking for Vibrators or other sex toys.

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